Administrative Management Solutions

Cathy Homeyer's most recent role as Office Manager for a startup pediatric dental practice has been most impressive.  A little over a decade ago, Cathy joined the practice on day 1, when it was a 3 person practice.  Now, the practice is a thriving business with 3 doctors, 10 clinical staff members, 6 front office team members and a marketing department.  The practice has enjoyed over 10 years a 98%  Collection-to-Production ratio.

The office was perfectly positioned for continued growth.  They expanded to a second location in April of 2014. 

Her philosophies for practice success are clear and simple:

  • Foster a strong "team" environment and act as a cheerleader, coach and mentor.

  • Achieve and maintain a stellar level of customer care.

  • Accept nothing less than a 90% insurance claim settlement rate within 30 days; collect 98% in less than 45 days after submission.

  • Excel at collecting previously considered "non-collectable" debt.

  • Position the practice to be growth-driven.

  • ​​Train and maintain a 98% collection ratio.